Yes! Royal Punjab Polo made into the finals

Yes! Royal Punjab Polo made into the finals of Maharaja Sir Pratap Cup

05 November 2016, Delhi: Royal Punjab Polo team has made into the imperious finals of the coveted Polo Tournament, Maharaja Sir Pratap Cup. This coveted trophy was presented in the memory of Sir Pratap, Regent of Jodhpur and father of Rajasthan Polo. Now in its 96th year, played first in 1921, The trophy was presented by Maharaja Sir Pratap in commemoration of the visit of HRH Duke of Connaught to India.

Royal Punjab Polo, now in its 3rd year of making, opens a new chapter in igniting fresh enthusiasm in polo, the sport of kings with representation of the vibrancy of Punjab. RPP team is honored to play the finals of this prestigious tournament against one of the finest team of Indian Polo-Jindal Panther led by patron Naveen Jindal after defeating 2 strong teams Sona Polo & Jindal Steel & Power.

The Patron of Royal Punjab Polo ‘Maninder S. Sethi’ who belongs to Ludhiana considers Polo to be a befitting platform for showcasing the extravagance and history of Punjab. Mr. Sethi exclaimed,” All the vigour, glamour and the spirit of excellence associated with Punjab, and with the greatest of all kings, Maharaja Ranjit Singh is best suited to the opulence of Polo. Punjab, with its glorious history of avid horseman and leaders brings forth the vigour that the young generation should be proud of and revive the legacy that has been lost.”

With this initiative, Royal Punjab Polo encompasses to divulge in the arena of Global Polo and unify the Punjabi community known for its enthusiasm and vibrancy.

With Handicap of +1, Young Maharaja at the age of 18 is one of the most valuable Polo player that the Indian history has seen. Playing alongside Prince Harry and Duke of Edingburgh, Padmanabh Singh has also played in Germany, England, Argentina, Abu Dhabi adding value with his global polo style and efficiency on field. Played for Royal Punjab Polo for 3 tournaments now, Padmanabh Singh adds value to the team as a player and spirit of Polo.

A professional +5 handicap polo player who comes comes from a family of distinguished horsemen, Dhruv has been playing this sport for the past 20 years. Dhruv has won all major polo tournaments across the country. He has won The Indian Open for a record 10 times. The tournament handicap is 20 goals, which is the highest level played in Asia. Extremely aggressive by nature on the field who likes to take early control of the game. All these qualities put together make Dhruv an extremely fierce opponent and a dependable team player.

<p>A +6 handicap Chilean Polo player, Matias comes from a family in Chile with a long &amp; illustrious polo tradition.&nbsp;Has played for Chile in test matches against&nbsp; South Africa, Peru, England, Australia, USA.&nbsp;As a professional he has&nbsp; been playing all around&nbsp;the world in the last few years playing in Pakistan wining the National&nbsp; Open. Dubai finalist in the Emirates&nbsp; cup.</p>
In Argentina He just won the Metro Alto (24 goal tournament)

Handicap of +2, Will from England got hooked on polo at the age of eleven, competing in the Pony Club circuit with the Cottesmore pony club winning U12 level Jorrocks 2004.&nbsp;Playing and winning the NZ open 2014, winning the Kihikihi 18 goal,&nbsp; Won the Keyte Watson 8 goal and Mystery Creek 6 goal 2016.&nbsp;In 2014 being selected to attend Black Bears UK Gold Cup games as the substitute for the patron. 2015 won the PSI Cup at Cowdray. With his experience and global expertise, Will brings a mix of exposure and global team spirit attached with the elite sport of Polo.

The finals of the fast paced high goal prestigious Maharaja Sir Pratap Cup tournaments is to be played on 6th November 2016 at Jaipur Polo Grounds, Race Course, Delhi. Punjabis are invited to join and cheer the team with true punjabi spirit.