What is possible in the Public Network for a Hacker?: Trishneet Arora at TEDx (Conference)

CHANDIGARH: Trishneet Arora talked about how intelligence agencies in United Nations are spying public online. He described they are in the middle of service provider and victims (public) and using their information…

He said; you accessed your mail and may be had shopped online through your credit card in the hotel or public network they may also watching you.

Public network admin can remotely access your computer and Install a Trojan, which will give the access of your laptop even though you might not in the same network.

“In the future hackers will be invited into houses just like now, how we call the electricians and plumbers. What will happen in the future is that  people will call ethical hackers, 2 o clock in the morning- hey somebody has hacked our tube lights, somebody has hacked my  bed kitchen appliances so please come and fix it .!” – Trishneet Arora