Launches World Tour Packages by Commercial Airlines and Private Jet

MUMBAI: Airnetz Traveltech, one of India’s leading air charter services and travel provider today announced the launch of, featuring once in a lifetime tour from 5 to 8 unique destinations around the world.

Economy and business class version of the tour starts at Rs. 8.5 lacs. The company has also launched a version of this world tour by private jet for VVIP class of customers for price of approx Rs. 70 lacs.

“We have only one life and the world has a lot to offer. Nature has infinite creativity and the only way to explore it is by visiting those unique places around the world where history and nature combine together to showcase marvelous art of nature.

Most of the travel companies offer tours to known places which are mostly cities made by men and have the same metro city culture. takes people on a journey around the earth visiting places that have something unique.” said Atul Khekade, Director of Airnetz Traveltech, parent company of

“Some of the destinations include Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania, ancient city of Petra, Morocco, Easter island, Blue lagoon geothermal spa in Iceland and the great barrier reef in Australia.”

Economy and business class version of the trip is carefully planned in a way that the traveler gets to experience the destination for at least 3 days and then move to next destination. Also, each flight is not more than 5-6 hours. The tour completes an entire round around the earth before bringing the traveler back to the home destination. Price of Economy class version starts at Rs. 8.5 Lacs and is customizable for a group tour.

“For the VVIP version of the world tour, Airnetz has leased a Boeing 737 and a boeing 757 private jet aircraft which has seating capacity of 22 and 50 people in Club Class Seating.

Private Jet experience is custom tailored where people don’t have to wait at airport queues or push trolleys around. The private jet waits for the passengers and baggage is taken care of by cabin crew.

The destinations by private jet can’t be covered by commercial airlines as private jet has capability of landing at airports which are not connected by the airlines network. For certain family groups and corporate, the company is already providing these packages from Dubai, Monaco, USA, Japan and China.” said Omkar Mestry, COO of

For more details on VIP World tour by private jet, please visit :

While the booking amount for World Tour by private jet is Rs. 3 Lacs, the economy class world tour can be reserved for future dates in the next 5 years by paying Rs. 10,000.