U.S. Based Designer Re’ Malhi to participate in INIFD Ludhiana Fashion Week


Renuka Malhi – a U.S. based designer and alumini of INIFD Ludhiana is in the town to be a part of INIFD Ludhiana Fashion Week, Scheduled for April 14,15,16 2017.She is here to showcase the collection displayed at Fashion Scout during London Fashion week.

Re’ Malhi is not just a brand, Its my journey towards the dream that I had but the path was not easy. My journey begun when i graduated my Design program from INIFD Ludhiana, the temple of education that gave shape to my uneven creative thoughts.  In year 2000 I moved to USA with an enthusiasm that I will take my passion to next level. Suddenly an unexpected change came into my life and i ended up working in IT field for many years but the passion of Design never died in me. It was always there and I would keep on designing stuff for myself and for my near ones and i was always noticed for my iconic dressing. In 2008 I finally decided to take a very strong decision of living my passion again and professionally adapting it in New York. It was not an easy decision to quit an existing job and there were family responsibilities but I knew one thing that ITS NOW or NEVER.


I decided to REINVENT myself. Finally I dared to start a small range of South Asian Wear that included Indiana nd Pakistani styles with huge flares and rich traditional embroideries. I started doing Custom made bridal Anarkalis that generated some sensation and people loved it. But I wanted to move on towards developing my own unique style of clothing.. I have a huge interest in experimenting with different textures and variety  of fabrics…..and my love for the Rich/Royal Indian embroideries inspired me to finally develop my own unique style which was “Modern/Lavish Silhouettes further enhanced with very eye catchy couture embroidery techniques using the techniques not only from India but also from other parts of the world. The inspiration came from the sumptuous styles from the Red Carpet, the sensual curvy cuts, the modern mix of fabrics, the lavish life style of Queen’s and Kings, their superlative jewelries and tiaras and every single attribute that will take ones attitude to no less than a Princess in her.


I finally discovered a unique product and started a line under the label Re’ Malhi. Re’ Malhi included more constructive gowns with custom fittings, lavish flares, long trails, classic styles with cultural embroideries fused in a very contemporary style that a modern woman who has a taste and eye for something unique and super stylish would love to carry that on to steal the attention of the crowd. We made big at the grand show in New York called ” World Fashion Parade” along with showcasing in many other prestigious TV and Radio channels like B4U, Radio Zindagi, Nargis Dutt Cancer Foundation and many more. Re’ Malhi’s unique styles and rich fabrics and flares created a sensation at every event and every piece was applauded on the ramp. The aim and future of the brand is not only to continue making great drapes but also to give an ever lasting memory to the wearer We wish that every woman feels extremely proud and distinguished and so far we have been very successful in giving that satisfaction to every buyer. When I design an outfit, I dream about it from the customer’s perspective and work on giving more than one can imagine. Re’ Malh is extremely proud and honored to have received this grand opportunity of showcasing as a proud participant at London Fashion Week Autumn Winter, 2017. The line created sensation with its grand couture beauties on one of the World’s  biggest Fashion platforms through our distinguished styles, fabrics and royal cultural embroideries. The Show Stopper became the lavish draped tail gown with a TAJ MAHAL hand embroided on the broad Maroon Velvet Belt and is proudly featured in British Vogue and many other popular  British and Indian media and online channels. Taj is the biggest symbol of Love and is very close to my heart as a True Beauty of my Country. My First TAJ MAHAL piece was featured in New York During Fall 2016 show in September and the applause on that piece was out of the world. People were stunned to see the “ Wonder of the World” mastered on the rich Red Velvet. We had people came up to me and saying that it gave us goose bumps. What more I can ask for !!!! ☺

I also wanted to bring to your notice that I am the winner of MS. South Asian Queen USA ,13 and that win turned out to be life changing experience for me as it boosted my confidence by many times and helped me achieve my goals with better focus and inner strength. The Pageant opened doors to many opportunities for me and I firmly believe that the combination of a Pageant Winner with the Fashion Career worked together as a perfect marriage for me.


MY MESSAGE to the younger generation and ambitious youngsters is that wherever you are, whatever part of the world or country you come from, whatever background you grew up with, NEVER FORGET YOUR ROOTS because our growth is our biggest strength that helped us learn to value our culture and those who helped us in every aspect and ups dons of life and became a part of our learning process. They say that “ If you want to Master a subject for future, always start from the history of that subject”. The same concept goes in our life, its very important that we value and appreciate whatever and who ever helped us in those years of growth, sooner or later we will realise that they will be our biggest assets. The biggest example in my life is the role of INIFD in my life and career and today because of their education and guidance, I was able to participate in London Fashion Week,17 and I know this will go with my long term and will open doors to several unimaginable opportunities in life.


Second and equally important is to stay focused and not get distracted by few of these evil activities that are becoming very popular in the society and younger generation is often taking it as a symbol of modernity which is drugs and negative competition. These two factors are totally distracting the society from concentration towards their productive goals. Its very important that we maintain our focus and involve ourselves in quality education programs to improve our lives.