Preventing viral infections this monsoon

Preventing viral infections this monsoon


Cold, cough, sore throat, viral fever, allergies, diarrhoea, and malaria are the common problems that affect people during the monsoon season, says Dr Sandeep Puri (Principal and Professor of Medicine). The sudden increase in infectious diseases during monsoons often leaves us confused as to what might be the probable causes, says Dr Puri. Dr Dinesh Gupta (Professor & Head of Medicine) viral infection increases due to the damp and humid weather, and the rapid change in the weather makes for the perfect environment for bacteria and virus to grow.

Dr Rajesh Mahajan (Professor of Medicine) advises that extreme cautions are to be taken with water, air, mosquitoes and moulds as they are the primary factors which result in spreading the disease. According to Dr Vandana Middha(Professor of Medicine), Water-borne diseases usually lead to Viral Hepatitis and Gastroenteritis like digestive disorder and painful cramps, which can further lead to some serious problems in one’s body. Viral hepatitis is a serious infection that results in yellow urine and yellow eyes, accompanied with high fever, says Dr Narendra Pal Jain and Dr Dinesh Jain, both Professors of Medicine.

Dr Harmeet Pal S Dhooria (Associate Professor, Medicine) suggests any symptoms of monsoon-related diseases are to be treated as per a specialist doctor’s consultation.”

Associate Professors of Medicine- Dr Amit Bery, Dr Sandeep Chabbra, Dr Vikas Garg along with Dr Vipin Kumar (Assistant Professor of Medicine) shared some preventive measures to stay healthy during monsoon season.

Ø  Drink clean water and use boiled water or water purifiers.

Ø  Regularly change hand towels after a day’s use.

Ø  Make it a point to cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief while coughing or sneezing.

Ø   Use mosquito repellents and nets (dengue transmitting mosquitoes usually bite during day time; either early morning or late evening).

Ø  Avoid eating out and consume as much fresh food as possible.

Ø  Avoid getting wet in the rain.