Preet and Simran to turn into witches in Dil Deke Dekho

Preet and Simran to turn into witches in Dil Deke Dekho


In the upcoming episodes of Dil Deke Dekho, the Chopra’s and the Shashtri’s are gearing up for a new drama. The viewers will see their favorite characters Preet and Simran turning into witches.


Preet (Anju Jadhav) gets dressed in a red saree every night since a baba has asked her to do so, along with performing pooja for her husband’s well-being. Meanwhile, Simran (Preet Kaur Madan) also meets a baba who also suggest her the same ritual as Preet. Simran starts following the baba and performs the same ritual every night. When the Chopra’s see Simran in the red saree they assume that a witch has possessed her.


In the meantime, Mohini (Ritu Vasisth) wakes up in the middle of the night to find a mysterious woman clad in red saree holding a diya in her hand roaming in the house, the woman is none other than Preet herself. Mohini gets frightened thinking that the lady is a witch. Suddenly there is a rumour that a witch is doing the rounds of the colony. The Shastri’s and Chopra’s both fear that Preet and Simran have turned into witches.


Will the families find out the truth? How will they react to the whole scenario?


Commenting on the track, Anju Jadhav who plays Preet says, “ This track is very interesting as both the families are totally unaware about the real motives of Preet and Simran behind walking in a red saree in the middle of the night. This creates a lot of drama in both the houses which is definitely worth watching.”


To watch this drama, tune into Dil Deke Dekho from MondayFriday at 7 pm only on Sony SAB!