PM Modi invokes Lord Krishna, says UP has ‘adopted’ him

Hardoi, February 16
With hectic campaigning on for the third and fourth phase elections in Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday invoked Lord Krishna and said that he is the adopted son of Uttar Pradesh.

Vowing not to ditch the people of the state, the Prime Minister said he had chosen Uttar Pradesh as his land of vocation despite being born in Gujarat, thereby drawing a parallel with Lord Krishna, who was born in Uttar Pradesh but made Gujarat his ‘karma bhoomi’.

“Krishna was born in Uttar Pradesh but made Gujarat his ‘karma bhoomi’. I was born in Gujarat but Uttar Pradesh has adopted me. It is a privilege for me. Uttar Pradesh is like ‘mai-baap’. I am not a son who would ditch his ‘mai-baap’. I will always care about Uttar Pradesh,” he said.
Establishing his connection with Uttar Pradesh, Modi said, “Despite being an adopted son, it is my duty to develop Uttar Pradesh.”

The Prime Minister also took potshots at the incumbent Ahilesh Yadav government, alleging that police stations in UP had become Samajwadi Party offices. He vowed to eradicate ‘gundaraj’ if the BJP came to power.

“Can any political party’s office be at police stations? The police take permission from the Samajwadi Party workers to lodge a case. Police stations have become the Samajwadi Party offices. The highest number of political murders are perpetrated in UP. Law and order has completely collapsed in the state. There should be no discrimination in the deliverance of justice,” he said, while addressing a BJP rally in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh.

The third phase of Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls would take place on February 19 and the results of the seven-phase elections would be announced on March 11. ANI