Now, UT Admn to check how much liquor you drink in bars

Chandigarh, September 6

In a bizarre move, the Chandigarh Administration wants pubs and bars in the city to control alcoholic consumption of residents. In an order issued today, the Excise and Taxation Department has not only asked around 125 liquor licensees in the city to install alcohol breath analysers on the premises but has also asked them to ensure that the customers consume alcoholic drinks within the legal limits. The order, marked to the pubs and bars in the city, a copy of which is with Chandigarh Tribune, states, “In order to make people aware about the ill-effects of consumption of alcohol more than the legally prescribed limit and to restrict them to take alcohol within the legal limits, you are hereby directed to install alcohol breath analysers in your licensed premises within seven days from the issuance of this letter and to ensure that the consumption of alcoholic products by customers is within the legal limits.” The legal limit is 30 mg of liquor in 100 ml of blood. “You are also directed to submit a compliance report to the Excise and Taxation Department, Chandigarh, by September 13,” the order states.Manmohan Singh Kohli, owner, Aroma Hotel, said, “I personally feel if the order helps  in checking drunken driving, I will be more than happy to extend a helping hand. We are ready to cooperate.”Though pub and bar owners are not willing to voice their opinion openly, they lament that it will be difficult to implement the order in letter and spirit.  An advocate, said, “The government needs to reconsider and reframe the order on two grounds. Firstly, it is difficult to differentiate between a person driving a car and co-passengers.  Secondly, what about so many legalised ahatas (taverns) in the city. There is need to have some policy for them also on the pattern of bars and pubs.”