More than 24.40 lakhs voters and 136 candidates in all the 14 assembly constituencies


Punjab Assembly Elections 2017

Voting today, district administration makes complete arrangements

Voters to vote without any fear or under any influence- District Election Officer

Ludhiana, 3 February (000)-  “District Ludhiana has done all the arrangements for the casting of vote scheduled on 4 feb in the upcoming Punjab Assembly Elections 2017. District Administration is totally committed to have the election peaceful, transparent, unbiased and without  any influence. No person or party in particular  will be allowed to violate the instructions issued by the Election Commission. Voters must vote ethically without any fear, or influence.” These views were given by District Election Officer cum Deputy Commissioner Sh. Ravi Bhagat.

While giving details about the election arrangements,Sh. Bhagat said that district Ludhiana comprises of 14 constituencies which have 24 lakh 40 thousand and 258 voters in all. These voters have been provided voter identification cards and voter slips. In all the 14 constituences, there are 136 candidates.  He said that there are 1385 polling locations and 2722 polling stations where the votes have to be  cast from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 518 video cameras have been installed and 531 micro observers have been deputed in the sensitive and hyper sensitive polling stations. Web casting will also be done in 522 polling stations.84 model polling stations have been set up in the district.13496 officials have been deputed by the civil administration for the successful completion of the election. Besides, more than 3870 police personnel and the central forces have been deputed for peaceful election. In order to have the whole process of election transparent and unbiased, a toll free number 1800-180-1430  has been issued and a complaint centre has been set up where any voter can complaint in case of any disorder or irregularity in voting which will be immediately taken into action. He showed his resolution to have a transparent and unbiased election.

Sh. Bhagat made an appeal to all the voters, candidates and all the political parties if any voter casts his vote by accepting money or if any candidate or party tries to bribe the voter then a criminal case  will be registered against the miscreant. Besides, a legal action will be taken against the one who tries to influence the voter by intimidation or by physical violence. Any one violating the law related to election will face legal action under section 127 A of people representation act 1951.