Monika Chaudhary is Chairperson for FICCI FLO Ludhiana Chapter for 2017-2018

5th annual session FICCI ladies organisation was held at Park plaza kohinoor hall on Monday. .Savita Aggarwal passed the baton Monika Chaudhary. The change of guard was presided by  Mamta Ashu on behest of MLA Bharat Bhushan Ashu. The possibility of a mahila haat venture was discussed in Punjab.Besides a large number of members the meeting was duly attended by the core team 2017-18. Chair person for new term will be Monika Chaudhary
Sr vice chairperson is Reena Aggarwal, Vice chairperson- Nandita Bhaskar, Secretary – Manisha Oswal, Jt secretary – Amrita Rekiraj, Treasurer- Mannat Kothari, Jt treasurer- Radhika Gupta. Even the members enjoyed cooking session with executive chef Park Plaza Vikas Grover who share three recipes of Banana tea cake slice, raw papaya salad, paneer satay and all three dishes can be cooked in 40 to 45 minutes. Chef also shared cooking tips with FICCI FLO members
As the largest women’s business chamber in the country, with over 33 years of experience, FLO has been instrumental in working towards the economic empowerment of women and promoting entrepreneurship through workshops, conferences, trainings and capacity building programs.
As the 6th chairperson of FLO Monika Chaudhary said, “I hope to work towards the inclusion of more women in the workforce of Punjab through skill initiative., with my team will diligently work towards trying to bring a change and make a dent in the gender parity of Punjab mindset. We will be ready to lend our combined energies to compliment government programs like the drug de- addiction drive, health and hygiene initiatives. We intend to work towards a more inclusive future and hope that our efforts will lead to effective solutions that will empower women, our intent is to make a positive impact and to touching  many a lives. Together our  vision is to position FlO as Punjab’s leading network for fellow woman’s social and economic empowerment.She further added that in month of November Ludhiana chapter will be host for organizing inter state event where 200 members from 14 cities will participate and will learn about culture and heritage of Punjab”she added