Man dies after Fatehabad BJP municipal chief stops ambulance for long

Chandigarh, August 7

A patient allegedly died after Fatehabad BJP municipal president stopped an ambulance for over half-an-hour after his car had a minor accident with it.Meanwhile, people have demanded registration of a criminal case against the municipal president Darshan Nagpal.Atma Ram, SHO of Fatehabad city police station, said they have received a complaint against Nagpal, but, he said the police was inquiring the matter as the two sides were in touch to find a solution to the issue.In his complaint to the police, Arun Kumar, a resident of Fatehabad town, alleged that his uncle, Naveen Kumar, felt uneasiness on Sunday morning and was taken to a private hospital on Bhattu road for treatment.”However, the doctors advised us to take him to a cardiologist in Tau Devi Lal Market situated at a distance of 3 kilometer from there,” he said.Arun alleged: “At Lal Batti Chowk, the ambulance carrying my uncle touched Nagpal’s car. Since, the ambulance driver was in a hurry, he tried to move ahead towards the hospital, but he was stopped by Nagpal and roughed up. We kept pleading with Nagpal to allow my uncle to be shifted to the hospital since his condition was serious, but he did not relent and in the process wasted a precious over half-an-hour when my uncle could have got emergency care. He died before he could be attended to by the doctors.”Arun alleged that despite formal complaint the police was dilly-dallying in registering his FIR and was rather pressuring them to enter into a compromise with Nagpal.  Nagpal, however, denied allegations and said the ambulance driver had sped away after hitting his car from behind at the Lal Batti Chowk.“I just went up to the ambulance only after it had reached the hospital in Tau Devi Lal Market,” Nagpal said.