Lakeside Living comes alive at Ireo Waterfront, Ludhiana

LUDHIANA: Ludhiana witnessed the unveiling of first ever manmade lake in Punjab at Ireo Waterfront. Today the glittering lake preview to select few gathering organized at Ireo Grape N Wine Affair.

With a view to give a unique experience to the people the indulgence element at the program a number of events were organized such as grapes stomping, wine tasting session, wine introduction by wine champ and live music session.

The event started with the lake preview followed by wine tasting session by Ajay Nayyar from Tulleeho. He said Tasting wine is most imp part of enjoying wine. Wine tasting is an art wherein tasting wine is arguably the mostIMPORTANT part of enjoying it with all the senses.

People were told about details of wine, its history, the way its made and secrets to tasting it at an interactive session. Ajay also avidly talked about the food-wine pairing to be preferred to enjoy the exact taste. For Riseling he suggested dry version going down well with fish, chicken and pork dishes. Taking aromatic variety GEWÜRZTRAMINER with Asian food, pork and grilled sausages.

The Ireo Wine Stomping activity witnessed traditional wine making process, in which grapes were crushed by feet in vats to release their juices.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Madhukar Tulsi, President at Ireo, commented:  “We are extremely delighted to announce that a significant milestone has been crossed with the unveiling of glittering lake along with the commencement of handover of the first villas and plots in Phase 1 & 2 at this world class 500-acre township on Sidhwan Canal Road.

He further added that we are delighted to see people indulging in the unique experience today created at Ireo Grape n wine affair. In future also Ireo will offer unique experiences and lifestyle to the people of Ludhiana.

Wine game & live music was put forth at the event making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The invitees came decked up in aDRESS code. They were given party props like hats, tiaras and baskets to go with the event accentuating their beauty.