Kejri: Spineless EC has given in to Modi

New Delhi: Calling the Election Commission (EC) “spineless and shameless”, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday alleged that the EC had surrendered before Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Kejriwal’s remarks came in response to reports of people allegedly visiting polling booths with party symbols and also campaigning on social media and TV on polling day. He also asked why voting in Goa (7 am) started an hour before Punjab (8 am) when it is slated to end at the same time. “The Election Commission has completely surrendered before Modiji, just like the CBI and the RBI,” he tweeted. The AAP convener has repeatedly targeted the CBI and the RBI for acting on the directions of the Prime Minister’s Office. “Just like Modiji destroyed the RBI, he has also destroyed the EC by appointing his cronies in the commission,” Kejriwal said.