Inter-College declamation contest organized by Hum log Society

Inter-College declamation contest organized by Hum log Society




Hum Log organized an Inter-College declamation contest at Ishmeet Academy on Sunday. They have received entries of 55 students from the different colleges of Ludhiana.  


The function was inaugurated with the National Anthem in the morning, which was followed by song “Sara Chawla- winds of change” and lamp lightening ceremony. On occasion keynote was given by Vyavastha Ashok Kainth to set declamation contest open. The students from different colleges put forward their opinions in a brave manner about the different topics being given by Hum Log. The topics for declamation contest include Upliftment of downtrodden: Is reservation right answer, Reservation Policy: Has it led to equality or division, What does 21st century India need more Jobs or More Reservations, Is benefit of reservation reaching really need, Reservation: a social cause or vote bank politics, Reservation boon or bane, Indian constitution and reservation, Reservation: Affirmative action or birth right.


After the declamation contest, Hum Log Parshant Aggarwal appreciated the speeches of the students from various colleges. Congratulating the students, he said, ‘They are bright future of our country and we are proud of them.”He asked the students to keep shinning against all odds. It was followed by the cultural dance performance by Sangeeta Studio, which steal the heart of the audience. After the dance performance with the results of judges, Raj Sharma declared the result of the declamation contest and distributed the prizes to the winners of the contest.  The Member of Parliament, Ravneet Singh Bittu, MLA Simarjeet Singh Bains and MLA Ashu wife, Mamta Ashu also graced the occasion by their presence and appreciated the talent of the students. He also appreciated the effort of Hum Log Society to provide the  platform for students to bring forward their talent. 


About Hum Log

Hum Log is a civil society movement by the people for the people of the people uniquely designed to empower, educate the common man regarding his rights, the strength of unity and power of his vote. A civil society is comprised of groups or organizations working in the interest of the citizens but operating outside of the government, judicial, political and for-profit sectors. The governance of any country is a reflection of the society. The common citizen has to be aware of his rights as well as the duties towards nation. In most of the developed countries of world the civil society plays an important role in various matters of importance to common man like equality, deservation, transparency, provision of basic amenities, law order etc. It serves as a platform to voice common public opinion, work hand in hand with the government for key matters.