Fashion scout of London Fashion week showcased at Ludhiana Fashion Week on Day 2

Fashion scout of London Fashion week showcased at Ludhiana Fashion Week on Day 2

The Fashion extravaganza continued at INIFD Ludhiana Fashion Week on the day 2. After the grand success of day 1 of Ludhiana Fashion week the second day began with more of glamour on and off the ramp, and a much bigger audience with much more enthusiasm, cheering the student designers.

INIFD Ludhiana not only presented the collection showcased at Fashion Scout at London Fashion Week in February 2017 by 3 student designers and 2 Alumni designers for the first time from Punjab but also the collections of the current student designers from INIFD Ludhiana. These collections proved the spark and creativity of the students of INIFD Ludhiana and also the efforts of INIFD Ludhiana in providing the students an international platform.

18TH FEBRUARY 2017 was a RED LETTER DAY FOR Ludhiana as first time any designer from Punjab SHOWCASED at FASHION SCOUT during LONDON FASHION WEEK”Honey Sharma (Fashion Design Faculty at INIFD) remarked.

Before the collections were displayed on the ramp 3 student designers Disha Kaura, Gurnam Kaur and Pavneet Kaur and 2 alumni designers Sunil Raj Vinayak and Renuka Malhi who showcased their collections at Fashion Scout at London and Disha Ahuja who was declared the first runner up in DLF Emporio’s National Level Design Award were honored with the trophies by the Management of INIFD Ludhiana.

The apogees of the event were the collections and rounds of the show which reflected the ingenuity and originality of the hard work by the students. The rounds of the show began with The Royal Riwayat- a collection by Shruti Rudhra which was the celebration of delicacy and luxury of the “Mughal Era” revived with contemporary version. She derived inspiration from Mughal wall art, windows and jharokhas for embroideries on silk and brocade fabrics.

AZAZEL- the collection by Isha Malik & Harleen symbolized life consisted of leaves of hopes; flowers of eternal love; stems of beauty, bushes of infinite happiness. These symbols of leaves, flowers, bushes and skull were embellished in white embroideries beautifying the black fabric in A-line gowns, tube dresses, off shoulder dresses, cardigan and coat pants.

SEA SHORE- Collection by Kamaldeep Kaur, Gagandeep Kaur, Jyoti Shah, Deepika and Shiavni depicted the delicacy of the precious sea shells by the sea shore. The wavy silhouettes, leather garments adorned with pearl & shell embroidery in tulle and sheer fabrics adorned the collection with grace and charisma.

BOOK OF FORTUNE- collection by Avneet Kaur, Divya Sharma, Himanshu and Dhalwinder Singh comprised formal collection with the extensive use of tucks with embellishment, and accessorized with a contemporary touch.

Kathakali Flip- the collection by Lovely Gupta & Gursimran Singh displayed the quintessential expressions in the form of face motifs in the ensemble. Handwork, zips, studs and chains on PVC vinyl gave a perfect fusion of contemporary silhouettes with Indian classical dance drama.

Totroise- the collection by Manav was inspired from tortoise and had imbibed its structure, texture, upper shell and colour in its making from this apparently naive but factually wise. Formal wears and tunics in various hues such as beige, brown, grey and antique bronze embellished with mirror work embroidery, cut work had an entrancing effect.

Tattered Rose- the collection by Anjla, Richa, Priya Takkar, Priya Verma and Saksh displayed the softness of rose turned into roughness to create the magic in the garments. Gowns, knee length dresses, trousers shrugs, formal coats and asymmetrical dresses dipped in pink colours featured, A-scoop neckline and 3d rose lace fabric were accessorized with waist belts and chains.

Birds of Paradise- took the designer Sunil Raj Vinayak to a flight which inspired him to pick up his brush and create beautifully crafted outfits for Women. His work was garnered with ‘Tilla-Kar’ & ‘Kalabatun’ embroideries with thin gold wires.

Kohinoor- the collection by Disha Kaura was based on the rebellious bounce back of the queens. The bold colours, smart silhouettes and rich look of the ensemble were dedicated to the empowered woman of modern times, who has decided to walk shoulder to shoulder with a man.

PICHCHWAII- collection by Gurnam kaur was based on the theme of paintings on the wall hangings that are generally hung behind the sculptures of Lord Krishna. The collection depicted Krishna’s love towards his beloveds or towards animals, and imbibed themes for the motifs like cows and birds through bright cosmic colours.

THE MODERN MARIAM- by Pavneet Kaur showcased the opulence and charm of the Indian heritage with modern eclectic twist, which was best depicted by the amiable queen of India: “JODHABAI”. The use of colours such as deep crimson, gold and royal blue signifies the royalty.

Re’ Malhi- The Couturier by U.S. based designer Renuka Malhi brought the sensual and exclusive drapes accentuating love and glamour in every garment. The collection depicted romance, sensuality and confidence that every woman has in her soul.

Positron- collection by Lakhan Kumar and Aniket was highlighted with fabric manipulation using electric wires and hardware components and elements. The creative designers had experimented using real copper wire for the stitching Techniques on knitted fabric.

VINDRO- collection by Rashmeeta and Jasleen was a combination of two totally different aspects of fashion- vintage and androgyny. Culottes, oversized jackets, boxy silhouettes were adorned beautifully in black, grey and white colours.

Bhram- the collection by Shivam Thapar presented the perceived beauty from different perspective by incorporating different patterns and styles of optical illusions into trench coats, blazers, waskets, trousers, tubes and shoes in black, white and grey colours.

Duendecollection by Kritika Gupta, Jyoti Ahuja, Palak Gupta & Chetan Dawar showcased the lehnga-cholis elegantly embellished with embroideries, had vibrant colours like maroon, golden and ivory contemporary silhouettes.

I aspire to be a fashion designer and the kind of fashion education INIFD imparts is marvelous and I look forward to be a part of this Institute and pave my way to my dream” said Aditi from the audience. It is unbelievable that the young students of INIFD Ludhiana have created such marvelous pieces of art for creating fashion and have put Ludhiana on the world map. I keep hosting visiting fashion shows in Delhi & Mumbai and can easily comment that the standard of the show seen today is in no way less than those in either of the cities, said Pallab Bose, the anchor for the show.

When such great teaching of fashion is now available in Ludhiana, I think my parents would be very comfortable now as they were a little a hesitant in sending me to Delhi to pursue a program in fashion Design at Delhi, said a jubiliant Prabhjot, who is aspiring to become a fashion designer herself.