CP set to delimit 28 thanas Some may be merged for better utilisation of force; many other initiatives taken for better policing


To achieve perfection in policing, better utilisation of police force and decrease the response time to a crime spot, Ludhiana Police Commissioner Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh has come up with a unique plan. He has decided to delimit all police stations in the city and for this, he has formed a committee headed by the DCP to survey the viabilities and asked him to submit a complete report within 10 days.  The entire new system is likely to be enforced by the police by April. The city has 28 police stations, of which seven are such where some areas do not fall in their jurisdiction.  Kunwar said some police stations may even be merged or new police posts could also be created for the convenience of residents.  “Due to improper demarcation, proper force utilisation is not there and the issue of static force remains. Now after demarcation, I will ensure that only 30 per cent force or manpower remains inside the police station, while 70 per cent should be in the field 24*7. It will prevent crime, help in crime detection and provide convenience to residents to reach the police station.” Kunwar said. He said the demarcation would be done on merit. Arms dealers, licensed arms holders under lens  Notices have been served to several arms dealers of the city to complete their arms and ammunition record within 10 days and if any flaw comes to the fore, the police will take strict action.  This has been done to check the illegal supply of ammunition to gangsters. Licence holders have also been asked to produce the record of ammunition and in case the police come to know that bullets are being used for celebratory firings, their weapons would be seized. Over 16,000 people have arms in Ludhiana Commissionerate only, of which 15,000 licence holders have deposited their weapons. The police may also delay the release of arms deposited during the elections till the time review is on. The CP has also banned the issuance of arms licence for 90 days to prevent the misuse.