Coastal food fest at Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana till November 5

Now foodies can tickle their taste buds with food from  South in
Ludhiana  with a culinary extravaganza at Radisson Blu Hotel MBD
Ludhiana. The eleven days Coastal food festival commenced from
Wednesday and will continue till November 5.  The festival, brings in
a delightful feast with their Coastal Food Festival, at Made in India
specialty restaurant. The alacarte menu spread focuses on presenting
delicacies infused with aromatic spices from the coastal regions .
Coastal Food Festival exhibits the cuisines of the South Indian states
of Goa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. The 11 days festival will
showcase variety of food from across the coasts of South India. The
region is popular for its spices and flavours. A wide variety of
specialties from Karnataka, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Kerala will be served
to it diners from October 25 th to November 5 th.

Food and Beverage Manager at Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana Amit
Sharma said, “Experience an exquisite culinary journey across the
Indian coastal cuisines under one roof. Relish the extensive varieties
of palatable coastal delicacies specially curated by our culinary
ambassadors. Even the décor of restaurant with Colourful Umbrella,
Flower and Cereal Alpen (Rangoli), Banana Tree, Sea Creatures Cutout,
Bulb Garland, FerrI Lights makes dining experience from memorable.

Executive Sous chef Jyot Rana and Executive Chef Amit Thapliyal at
Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana said , “Alleppy Fish Fry from Kerela
is must try for food lovers. Adu Kozhambu Lamb cooked with ground
coconut and spices from Tamil Nadu are another dish that will tickle
the taste buds of the foodies.

They further added, “The Sorshe Chingri  a bengali preparation of
prawn, cooked in fresh mustard paste is a dish from from Kolkata. A
Malabar Stew a vegetable or chicken infused with ginger and simmered
gently in coconut milk from Kerela. The another dish from Goa Mutton
Vindaloo  a dish made of Lamb cooked and flavored with spicy toddy
vinegar dipped Masala  is another dish that make this coastal food
festival perfect dining experience for food lovers.