City businessman organises Langar In Bangkok to pay tribute to Thai King

City businessman organises Langar In Bangkok to pay tribute to Thai King
Harjinder Singh Kukreja organised a Langar along with local Sikhs on the Bangkok Railway Station.
The Thai Sikh Langar is a story of sharing by Sikhs in Thailand drawing upon the Sikh tradition of Free Community Kitchen -the Langar. It is the tale of the unmitigated love and respect by Thai Sikhs for the erstwhile King of Siam -His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand (King Rama IX of the Chakri dynasty), who was a source of inspiration and had immense kindness and love for all his subjects.
“I have always loved Thailand and the Sikh presence there. My major interactions with Thai Sikhs happened throughout my schooling in Mussoorie,  said ace businessman and social activist, Harjinder Singh Kukreja who has recently returned from a trip to Bangkok.
The current visit, though personal turned out to be an interaction with the who’s who of Thailand and their immense contribution to the industry, commerce and social service.
Close to a thousand homeless and needy people lined up outside the Hualamphong Railway Station in Bangkok, Thailand, waiting for young Sikh volunteers to serve a proper Thai meal.
“I always feel blessed doing humanitarian work and this collaboration with Thai Sikhs in helping the needy and paying tribute to their kind and compassion King was a great experience”, said Harjinder Singh Kukreja.
My son -Rehras Singh was thrilled to participate in the Thai Langar Sewa. It was so soul-satisfying to see happiness in the eyes of the elderly when they partook Langar. I am thankful to my Gurus for giving us the tradition of Langar.
To spread awareness about the Sikh religion, the Thai Sikhs have developed a branded Thai Sikh water bottle which was distributed along with the food.