Chinese New Year at Orient Blade

The Chinese New Year is truly dedicated to welcome the “Chinese New Year 2018” year of Dog. China is known as the spice country and Chinese cuisine for its spices. There are six basic flavour in Chinese cooking pungent, salty, sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter.

To welcome Chinese new year the Orient Blade team at Park Plaza and Master Chefs Chef Rajender’s and Chef Hoshiyar’s consistent innovations give importance to food in Chinese culture, and give a new taste to the palate, it is not surprising that food plays a major role in Chinese New Year celebrations. Chinese New Year celebration, also called the Spring festival.

The chefs have courageously moved beyond the regular Szechwan dishes, served in all menus across any Chinese restaurant. A number of different styles contribute to Chinese cuisine but perhaps the best known and most influential are Cantonese cuisineShandong cuisineJiangsu cuisine (specifically Huaiyang cuisine) and Szechuan cuisine. In addition to these, we intend to showcase the Robust wines & Delicate Flavors Of Chinese Cuisine.