Budget will have a positive impact in fiscal administration says Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group

Budget will  have a positive impact in fiscal administration says Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group

Commenting on the Union Budget 2017, Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group said, “I commend the Union Budget’s focus on improving the growth trajectory of the economy, its pronounced thrust on rural development alongside ensuring fiscal consolidation. It will certainly have a positive impact in fiscal administration and set the stage for clean and good governance. Furthermore, it is well poised to energize employment, improve existing infrastructure and more importantly alleviate poverty in the country. A nation grows only when it is truly inclusive and the announcements today underscored the Government’s commitment to build an inclusive India.


While we were hopeful that healthcare would be accorded a national priority sector status, the structural reform in medical education, in particular the increase in the number of post graduate medical seats and DNB courses is praiseworthy as it was long-awaited. But, I do hope that the health policies will address the large unmet need for quality healthcare infrastructure and in particular the need to wage a war on non-communicable diseases which the health sector has been focusing upon. In addition, the Aadhaar linked health cards for senior citizens is a very welcome step. Moreover, the amendment in costs of life saving drugs and harmonization of rules for medical devices will all add up to have a positive impact for healthcare in the country.


Dr. Reddy added, “The Hon’ble Prime Minister has been keen to make India an international tourism hub and commenting on behalf of my sector, I would say that the advanced medical care available in our country currently could well make India the preferred medical destination of the world. Our country stands for clinical acumen of the highest standards, we have been delivering clinical outcomes comparable with the world’s best centres at a cost that is hugely affordable and all of this is provided with immense compassion.


Finally, I would reiterate that a healthy India is pivotal for India to retain its position as one of the fastest growing economies. Hence, we are also pleased that the critical determinants of health, i.e. sanitation and clean drinking water have gained greater importance as they are critical to ensure preventable deaths. Furthermore, a target of 2025 has been set for the elimination of Tuberculosis apart from other diseases such as Filiaria, Leprosy, Measles and Kala Azar are all being targeted, which is a key need of the day in addition to addressing the onslaught of NCDs.”