Bring your soul out at Casa Blanco a treat to book lovers, foodies, artists and photo enthusiasts

Bring your soul out event organized at Casa Blanco was a treat to book lovers, foodies, artists and photo enthusiasts on Wednesday night. An expressive display of life through the lenses of Neeraj Pillai and Gaurav Bajaj adorned the venue. A travel photography exhibition called Safarnama and journey of 15 days in Kumbh by Gaurav Bajaj exhibited pictures of every in and out of Kumbh. Talented and passionate photographer Gaurav Bajaj revealed his passion for traveling and photography.
Ludhiana was treated to a glittering night  when author 20 year old Tej Rawal launched his book at Casa Blanco in the city. Along with the launch of the book was an impressive display of photography and some interesting performances marked their presence at the event. Book penned by Jas Kohli fiction writer and laser cosmetic surgeon was also unveiled at the event.
Well known faces of the city made their presence known as they enjoyed the evening as various artists took the stage and performed for the enthusiastic audience. Also present at the event was editor of the book, 19 year old Rushi Jain. Socialite Radhika Jaitwani, Harkinder Ayali and many others were present to attend the event and graced it by their presence.
Jai Singh and Harmeet Ayali owners of Casa Blanco said, ” People come out with their families and everybody express their hidden talent leaving the worries and daily routine thing back at their offices and home”. They said they will continue to organize more events so that more and more people can revive their passion that they have forgotten in their routine life.”