Binu dhillon, cycling coach and industry supports cyclogreen

Ludhiana: “Cycling is an important aspect for the healthier life and
every person should use cycle and people should  participate in large
numbers for the Avon cyclogreen rally that will be held on March 4 th
in city” said Binu Dhillon  a renowned comedian actor of Punjabi
cinema. One day is left for the most hyped cycling event for which
even the organizers are exhausted with the registration form and
people are now told to make online registration for the event.

Gurmeet Kular President,FICO  said,”Ludhiana is known for its cycle
market in whole world and every resident of industrial city should
pledge to pedal cycle for good health and to save environment. He said
“Though Ludhiana is the largest manufacturer of bicycles, very few
bicycles can be seen on city roads. Even the manufacturers themselves
don’t ride them. The lavish lifestyle of people here has reduced the
usage of cycle.”

G-13, Bicycle Forum –Mr. U K Narang said, “Bicycle manufacturers
should ride bicycles themselves in order to motivate people. During
the past few years, the population of China using bicycle has
increased to about 50%.

Charanjit Singh Vishavkarma , President UCPMA said 25% people in
Europe use bicycle as means of transportation. They use bicycle
because it keeps them healthy and the environment clean.

An initiative under the name “CYCLOGREEN LUDHIANA 2017” is being
organized by “Groupk media delite” on  March 4th, 2017. This event is
an extension of the ‘Avon Cyclogreen’ that is being carried by the
company across the length and breadth of the country.

Seventy years old chief coach of the Indian Cycling team and himself
has won many medals in national and international Cycling events is
now a days motivating the residents to use cycle and can be seen
giving tips to the cyclists.
Cycling activity being organized in the city is a great effort to
further motivate more and more residents to enjoy the benefits of
Cycling. Cycling is a great activity that keeps one young, active and
healthy. ” I would request all the residents to participate in all
such activities that are organized in the city to promote cycling,”
said Randhawa.