Belan Briagde’s volunteers to travel entire Punjab to awaken the people against drugs abuse in election


Belan Brigade to start drive against drugs abuse in election. A bus of anti drugs abuse volunteers to travel entire Punjab to awaken the people against drugs abuse in election. The bus carrying the women volunteers flagged off by the family of drugs victims.

Anita Sharma national president of Belan Brigade said that the people should drive away the drug peddlers who distribute who entices the voters with free drugs & alcohol because they are the enemies   both not only of democracy & society but also of humanity. She has been fighting against various social evils like crime against women including dowry, rape and child abuse trafficking.

Anita Sharma says that belan brigade has written letter to Prime Minster of India and Punjab state chief minister to reduce liquor sale in Punjab because alcohol is the main roots of all intoxication but today with the behavior of politicians it seems that liquor sale is the main sources of government revenue to run government. On other hands the poor laborers villagers farmer and migrants in Punjab are more affected with the liquor that is available every nook and corner of the villages, urban and slums areas. All over Punjab poor people who are drugs and alcohol addicted have been gripped in number of fatal chronic diseases like kidney liver, suger, blood pressure and heart problems and due to poverty they are unable to bear the heavy expenses of medical treatment. As a result drugs addicted people die untimely death.

Anita Sharma has started her campaign against drugs and liquor abuse during parliament election 2014. Belan Bigade’s main focus to aware the public menace of drugs and its bad effect on the health. In present there is state election in Punjab 2017 to stop drugs and liquor distribution among voters to allure them cast vote in favor of their candidate.   Alleging that political parties and politicians encourage use of nasha during the election, she said that some political parties and leaders even distribute people ‘parchis’ (slips), which they show in liquor shops and get free liquor.

As on today more than 20 thousand women all over Punjab have joined hands with Anita Sharma. She says that her volunteers will go to door to door all over the Punjab state to joint the women against social evils & throughout  the drugs distributer who are ruining the younger generation and damaging the social and democratic fabric of the country.