Ban on Election Rallies and Loudspeakers after 5 p.m. on February 2

Ban on Election Rallies and Loudspeakers after 5 p.m. on February 2


Electronic media, cinema hall and other means of campaigning won’t be used


Outside supporters to move away from the constituency


Violaters may be sentenced up to 2 years imprisonment or imposed fine-

District Election Officer


Ludhiana, 1 February (000)-

District Election Officer cum Deputy Commissioner Sh. Ravi Bhagat has put a ban on election rallies and the use of loud speakers after 5 p.m. on 2 February. The violators can be sentenced up to two years or imposed fine too under section 126 of people representation act 1951.

He further said that, as per the instructions issued by the Election Commission, after the election canvassing is over ( on 2 feb. after 5 p.m.)any time of electronic media, cinema halls, t.v. channels and the use of any other such means of campaigning will be considered as a part of the violation of the above act. There will be ban on exit polls too.

He further asked to seal the boundaries of the cities during the last 48 hours in order to maintain peace, law and order in the city. Besides, the use of narcotics, money and any other influential method will also be under surveillance.

He further told after the canvassing would be over on 2nd feb., after 5 p.m., the outside supporters would have to move away from the district. During these 48 hours, election campaigning by any party or candidate, panel discussions or exit polls would completely be banned and media certification cum monitoring committee would have a vigil on it.

District Election Officer repeated that he is against the   violation of modal code of conduct. If anyone is found guilty in any such type of illegal activity, then strict legal action will be taken against him. He made an appeal to all the political parties and candidates to lend their support for the peaceful  and smooth conduct of the election.