An election feeling in the air

Sahnewal constituency lead is going to cross the last time lead of 21000 – Dhillon
“How can 30 days of drama beat 5 years of continuous hard work at the grass root level?asks Dhillon
Sandeep Dua
Sanhewal: An early morning cup of tea could lead to such an enlightening conversation on the upcoming elections, I had not thought. Pramod Kumar, seems to be an expert on the subject as he watches over a boiling pot of tea poised to pour that boiling concoction into waiting cups for the pleasure of yours truly. “These new comers don’t seem to stand a chance against Dhillon Sahab!” he says with a flourish. His 7 am enthusiasm is reflected by two others who have made a pit stop after their morning walk on their way home. “But my wife is pro naari shakti and she says that she will vote for Congress candidate Satvinder Bitti,” he adds. My own first stop in Jamalpur was treated with a sweet cup of tea from this tea stall in the innards of Jamalpur where posters of candidates looking to contest the election beamed at me from the walls. Full election mode is on of course!

My next stop is Mundian. The last time I had come here to drop a colleague, driving here was nothing less than off roading. But that was three years ago and I have been here many times ever since and now manage to get through the area without much of a fuss. A woman underway with early morning cleaning at her home smiles at me as I walk up to her. “Are you from Aam Aadmi Party?” she asks me when I ask her who she will be voting for. “Have you come to ask for votes? Don’t worry I will vote for your candidate,” she says before I can explain that I am only looking to write a story ahead of the elections. “Aha! I see! We should give a chance to young people to show what they are worth. Harjot Bains seems to have that within him to do us some good,” she says, talking about the 26 year old candidate from AAP.


Beaming with confidence, the joint candidate of SAD-BJP while addressing meetings at Jamalpur, Mundiyan, Meharban, Sahnewal and Koom Kalan said that seeing the spontaneous response from voters I can say with full confidence that SAD-BJP is winning Sahnewal seat by breaching the mammoth figure of 21000 which was the lead last time.
Simranjeet Singh Dhillon, son of Sharanjeet Singh Dhillon said, “I started a walk through the streets of Sahnewal market yesterday and within no time, the crowd swelled into a spontaneous march through the streets. Such is the love and emotional connect with the people that they said Dhillon election is their own election and we are going to make sure that every member of our family votes in favor of the works carried out in the constituency happens on the 4th February. There were tears in my eyes when a shopkeeper hugged me and said never before has Sahnewal seen such a rapid pace of progress be it Sahnewal’s railway overbridge or Sub-Tehsil status. You needn’t even come for canvassing, we will ensure Sahnewal market and all wards vote for the 5 years of day and night continuous development work that has happened on the ground.”
Sharanjeet Dhillon added that opponents are confused as to how come there is a wave in favor of the incumbent MLA. My answer to them is simple, “How can 30 days of drama beat 5 years of continuous hard work at the grass root level? Where has been the AAP MP for the last 2.5 years when we stood here and got the works done? Has he ever been to the streets of Sahnewal? Democracy is vibrant and people are aware today, an MLA’s foremost duty is to walk the talk. I have done that and people are restoring faith in me again to continue the stupendous pace of development.”