AAP NRI supporters contribution is scaring Amrinder and Badal : Adarsh Shastri



29th January, 2017

Mr. Adarsh Shastri, Aam Aadmi Party Overseas Co-Convener and AAP MLA from Dwarka, thanked the AAP NRI supporters for their immense contribution in the upcoming victory of AAP in the assembly elections to be held in February.

Addressing a Press Conference at the party office today, Mr. Shastri said that “NRIs want to see a better and prosperous drug free Punjab and Goa and hence, AAP Overseas supporters are helping the Party with their “tan, mann, dhan” in this fight against corruption. Responding to Dr. Kumar Vishwas, Convener, AAP Overseas, call of “Chalo Punjab” to save it from Akalis and Congress, Not only have more than 10,000 AAP NRI supporters registered for the “Chalo Punjab” campaign but more than 5000 volunteers from more than 18 countries are working on ground in Punjab to ensure that these corrupt forces are defeated and  hundreds more are reaching Punjab and Goa everyday.  Capt and Badals have recognized that these NRIs are the real game changers and thus abusing them with absurd statements and wanting them to leave Punjab. But this has made our NRIs under Dr Kumar Vishwas’s leadership more determined as can be seen at the massive AAP NRI rally held in Jalandhar yesterday. NRI volunteers are campaigning in almost all the 117 constituencies in Punjab”

Mr. Shastri further added that “AAP Overseas team under the leadership of Dr. Kumar Vishwas has also been helping ease the huge resource crunch we face. On the appeal of Dr Kumar Vishwas, a large proportion of Party funds is being successfully generated by our AAP NRI supporters through fund raising events in countries around the world where Punjabis settled abroad have been donating huge amounts to end this gunda and mafia raj in Punjab. Not only donations but AAP Overseas team has also been helping with equipment for successful campaigning. Those who could not make it to India, are helping by calling up the voters and convincing them to caste their vote in favour of Punjab. Also, AAP Overseas supporters have stormed the social media platforms taking the positive works of AAP and the messages of Arvind Kejriwal to a world wide audience, and giving the party a global reach far ahead of its political rivals.

Acknowledging this immense hard work, Aam Aadmi Party has released a special manifesto for NRIs in Punjab to address the issues they face including illegal occupation of their properties, acknowledging their role in the development of their villages, setting up a NRI Board and a 24 hour NRI helpline etc.”

Mr. Adarsh Shastri was in Ludhiana today to address a meeting in Ludhiana West assembly constituency with Ahbaab Singh Grewal, AAP MLA Candidate for Ludhiana West.