An enormous crowd of some 8-10,000 people came out in support of S. Harvinder Singh Phoolka, Aam Aadmi party candidate from Dakha, in Bhundri village today. Hundreds of people were seen standing on rooftops and on top of buses to attend the rally.

Harbhajan Mann, famous singer enthralled the audience with his songs and a special tribute to the victims of 1984 riots. He called Mr. Phoolka a father figure because of his personality and a man who will bring change in Punjab and appealed to the people of Punjab to back Mr. Phoolka whole heartedly.

Harbhajan Mann performed at the rally without taking any fee or consideration whatsoever. He has stated in an open letter that he has immense regard for Mr. Phoolka and espouses his cause for saving Punjab and restoring its glory and has therefore come for the event completely free. (Attached herewith is a copy of his letter.)

Sh. Mangal Dhillon, Bollywood and Punjabi Film Industry celebrity also spoke at the event and sought support for Mr. Phoolka and appealed to the people of Punjab to remove the corrupt government that has sold the state to drugs.

Sh. Sanjay Singh also attended the rally and praised Mr. Phoolka for his relentless struggle and said that Dakha would be the constituency from which the SAD would lose with a landslide margin.

  1. Kulwant Singh, who was the candidate from Dakha from Aapna Punjab Party, also attended the Rally and gave his whole hearted support to S. Phoolka and joined the Aam Aadmi Party.
  2. Phoolka’s speech was received by the enormous crowd with a lot of enthusiasm and fervor.

Other leaders who spoke at the event were Sukhdev Singh Chak, Darshan Singh Birmi, Comrade Gurdeep Singh Moti, Karam Singh Sidhu, NRI, Bhagwant Singh Toor-NRI, Amarjot Singh Baddowal- Sarpanch and Ratan Singh Kamaalpuri.